The Madsen Team

Meet our skilled and caring staff!

Madsen Medical Spa is the premier wellness, longevity and esthetic medical facility in the Northwest. Here, you will find one of the most unique and dynamic assortments of products, services, and concepts ever assembled under one roof!

We believe in bringing the highest degree of expertise, innovation and technology to our patients. This has been Dr. Madsen’s trademark philosophy for the more than 30 years he’s been on the cutting edge of the preventive medical field.  Now, he brings the same passionately progressive approach to aesthetic medicine.

With a capable, qualified and enthusiastic support staff in place, we are here to serve your needs.

Our mission and vision is to provide you, our patients, with the most comprehensive consultations, the most advanced, results-oriented services and treatments, and the safest and most effective support products available to achieve the highest possible level of satisfaction and progress toward your overall wellness and aesthetic goals!

Dr. Paul A. Madsen, D.D.S., Ph.D., M.D. — Medical Director

Dr. Madsen is a well-rounded expert in preventive weight loss and wellness therapies, including nutritional intervention, judicious pharmaceutical usage, manual/mechanical pain management protocols, as well as a full compliment of diagnostic testing (EKG, electronic body composition analysis, etc) and analyses of physical symptoms. These, combined with evaluation of blood and saliva samples to assist in determining the appropriate regimen of bio-identical natural hormone replenishment, can help correct a whole host of women’s health concerns. (and men, too!)

As in the past, he’s gone to great lengths and long distances to seek out the best of the best in acquiring the latest skills to meet the demands of the ever-changing medical esthetics industry.

For example, he’s trained with the pioneers of cosmetic Botox and dermal fillers, Drs. Martin and Susan Braun of the Vancouver Laser Centre in Vancouver BC, as well as Drs. Alastair and Jean Carruthers, of the Carruthers Dermatology Centre Inc, also of Vancouver, BC., and Larry Helwig, RN, CEO of Clear Skin Laser Center in Phoenix, AZ, the primary designer of the Portrait Skin Regeneration protocol and masterful instructor on a variety of different IPL and medical laser systems. In other words, he and his staff have trained with a veritable “who’s who” in the cosmetic and aesthetic medical arena. He stays updated in current therapies by attending continuing education courses and reading numerous books and Medical Journals. He is a proud member of AAPS, (America Society of Physicians and Surgeons), A4M (American Association of Anti-Aging Medicine), AMMG, (Age Management Medical Group) and is also Board Certified in Geriatric Medicine.

Dr. Madsen has a special gift for the artistry of medical esthetics, due in large part to his education and vast experience as a dentist/oral surgeon. His familiarity with the delicate and intricate anatomy of the face, eyes, lips, mouth, and surrounding areas, makes him very comfortable in providing patients with the trademark comfort and precision he’s so passionate about.

You will be glad you came to Madsen Medical Spa, where your satisfaction and safety are our top priorities. Dr. Madsen has assembled a winning team. They help to “cover all the bases” and comprise a complete skill set, ready to accommodate your personal goals and desires.

Together, these two entities offer unbeatable synergy in helping create a healthier, more beautiful you…from the inside out. Our goal is for you to look as vibrant on the outside as you feel on the inside!

Dr. P. Aaron Madsen, N.D., M.B.A., L.M.P., M.E. 

Dr. Aaron has been with Madsen Medical Spa since 2000. He holds a Bachelors degree in Human Biology, an MBA in marketing, is a Licensed Master Esthetician,  Licensed Massage Therapist, and a Naturopathic Physician (aka Naturopathic Doctor, or “N.D.”)

He has years of experience in medical laser skin treatments, medical massage therapy, medical aesthetics, and diet & lifestyle modification.  With this diverse skill set, he educates the patients through consultations, and is then able to design treatment plans tailored to their specific needs and goals.  He knows how to help patients solve the puzzle of slow metabolism & low energy, stubborn fat & wrinkles, pain & weakness, mood & anxiety to achieve the skin & body they deserve!

This will ensure of a continued standard of excellence and innovation in preventive medicine by combining the most effective therapies, techniques, and remedies of both conventional & alternative medicine.

Janet – Office Manager & Medical Assistant

Janet has been a valued asset to Madsen Medical Spa since the day it’s doors opened.  She smoothly transitions from assisting patients with weight loss needs to assisting Dr. Madsen with aesthetic injections.  She is passionate about providing high quality services to everyone in the clinic and is just as glad to answer questions on the phone as she is to meet in person.

Dani – Reception & Customer Service

Dani has been with Madsen Medical Spa since 2020. She is the “Command station” of the clinic, from day to day scheduling to customer concerns. Dani’s friendly face and sparkling attitude makes everyone feel welcome.

Sam  – Master Esthetician

Lori works part-time and joined the Madsen Medical Spa team in August of 2017.  She loves getting to know all the friendly patients and helping them with their appointments.  She has recently lost 25 pounds using our newest products and eliminating sugar from her diet.  Ask her and she will gladly tell you all about it.