Nutrition: For a Better Skin & Better Body

Madsen Medical Spa offers a wide range of supplements, modalities, and expertise to address nutrition.  Poor nutrition leads to a compromised immune system and in many cases disease.

How does maintaining a healthy gut impact your life?

Research over the past two decades has revealed that gut health is critical to overall health. Poor gut health contributes to autoimmune disorders, depression, fatigue, and many other issues. Some culprits that can lead to an unhealthy gut include common household foods, medications, and even a lack of good nutritional supplements.

Is there a more natural way to better skin?

You may think of nutrition as just a way to better health. It is also the solution to various beauty problems. Dietary nutrition directly impacts the condition of skin. We offer a variety of nutritional plans to help your skin look its best, whatever the condition may be.

Consuming certain plants or fish oil is known to modulate the balance of lipid inflammatory mediators and, therefore, is valuable in the treatment of inflammatory skin disorders. Skin functioning and skin attractiveness are dependent on nutrition.

Other natural approaches to better skin health include QRS and our Far Infrared Sauna.

Some of our most popular supplements include:

  • OPC-3
  • Resveratrol
  • Calcium Complete (w/ magnesium & Vit D3)
  • Multivitamins w/ (or w/out) iron
  • Vitamin D3 with K-2
  • Vitamin C
  • Advanced B Complex
  • Glucosatrin with D3
  • Digestive Enzymes with Probiotics
  • Ultimate Aloe
  • Advanced Fiber Powder
  • Weight Management/Fat burning/metabolism boosting
  • Sports Nutrition
  • …just to name a few!



We offer a line of physician-only (Rx-Grade), drinkable nutraceuticals called NutraMetrix.

These isotonic-capable, drinkable nutritional supplements are simply the most effective means of delivering vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients the body needs daily.

Unlike traditional tablets that must dissolve in the stomach before absorption can begin, isotonic supplements do not require digestion.

Isotonic nutrients pass quickly through the stomach and are absorbed efficiently via the small intestine.

We even offer an online diagnostic tool, called the Nutra Physical, to both inform and individually design a “custom cocktail” of isotonic nutraceuticals to suit your individual needs.

NutriMetrix includes drinkable, customized isotonic nutritional therapy, low-glycemic weight management and genetic DNA assessments for optimal health and beauty.

Nutraceuticals for Anti-Aging

No two people age the same. Genetics plays an important role for how your face and body will age, but there are other factors in the mix . You are either speeding up the aging process or slowing it down based on your health habits and lifestyle.

Incorporating nutrition and supplements like nutraMetrix® Prime AGE Defense Formula into your everyday routine fortifies your most powerful defense against aging.

Nutraceuticals for Weight Loss

Losing weight and maintaining a stable balance has never been easier.

With programs and revolutionary technology to jump start your metabolism and help the body flush white-fat, you can have the body you want.

Along with our weight loss solutions like hCG Diet, Accent XL, Zerona Laser Body Sculpting and Hormone support, we also focus on the most important factor for weight management; nutritional support.

Maintaining normal blood sugar levels, serotonin levels, and lowering your stress level are all necessary when you are losing or maintaining a healthy body weight. We support the body with the right blend of nutrients.

We also provide supplements like Carbohydrate Absorption Inhibitor which works to inhibit the enzymes that normally break down starch into glucose within the small intestine.


“My last blood test showed a lower blood sugar, triglyceride, fasting insulin, and diabetic risk score. I’m thrilled and am already finding that my anxiety and mild depression are settling down enough to do my errands, and go to my son’s soccer games and school activities while actually enjoying myself!”
–Laura M.

“I have more energy and am finding myself in a better mood more of the time. My husband is starting to visibly lose some of that pesky belly fat. Neither of us are seafood people, so we are excited about being able to get clean, pure fish oil supplement that doesn’t smell and taste nasty.”
–Debra M.

“I’m normally so stressed out at my job and it only gets worse once I come home and deal with everyone else’s problems. Dr. Madsen’s product has helped me feel calmer and mentally sharper. It is the most convenient way to get this nutrition with my normal meals or snacks without either forgetting it altogether or gagging it down once I do!”
–Kim G.