Saliva Testing

Dr. Madsen advocates saliva testing.SalivaTesting

Dr. Madsen advocates bio-identical hormone replacement for men and women who need supplementation of hormones. There are several ways to test for hormone levels- saliva, serum (blood) an urine.

The active portion of hormones are measured and it is this portion that determine how an individual feels. When the blood is filtered, it releases free, unbound bio-active hormone. Only this free form of the natural hormone as active in the tissues of the body. Hormones are transported in the blood in a protein bound state and are not bio-active until it is freed from its protein covering.

Saliva testing is the most accurate for measuring topical trans dermal treatment. It is an easy and non-invasive way to assess hormone levels in both men and women. Hormones are are powerful molecules essential for mandating physical and mental health. Typically we think that females (or could say women) need estrogen and males (or men) need the testosterone but both genders need those hormones plus several more that need to be in balance for optimal health. Having an imbalance of any one hormone can cause your mental and physical health to be out of balance.

Just 1 pill doesn’t solve the same issue for everyone. Every person is different and hormone levels vary with each individual. Saliva testing can indicate which hormones are lacking so supplementation with BHRT can bring you back to feeling your best. Several symptoms are associated with imbalance of hormones such as hot flashes, excessive sweating, mood swings, trouble sleeping, lack of confidence, weak muscles to just name a few common ones.


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