Laser Hair Removal

LaserBeforeAfterWhy choose laser hair removal?

Free yourself from daily shaving, painful plucking and expensive waxing to give you silky smooth and beautifully bare skin.

Pain-Free, Hair-Free is the next-generation of laser hair removal. It’s an effective and permanent hair reduction solution that is simple and easy.

We take cutting-edge medical laser technology and combine it with the comfort and convenience of a trip to the spa.

We use the Soprano ICE Laser by Alma Lasers.

ALMA reinvented the Soprano Xl and Xli laser systems with its newest Ice technology. This laser hair removal technology is virtually painless with its new cooling mechanism. This advanced laser can be used on all skin types, even tanned skin, and can be done year round.
Laser Hair removal is recommended in packages. One treatment will not remove all the hair, as hair grows in cycles. Most often, 6-12 sessions are recommended. Sessions required are based on a number of factors including but not limited to; the area to be treated, amount of hair, skin type, and even hormonal balance.
Laser Hair removal treatments will rid the area of hair currently present. Laser treatments are not permanent, and do not prevent new hair growth. Hormonal fluctuations can cause and create new hair growth, this can include; birth control, menopause, pregnancy, steroid usage, auto-immune disorders and other conditions.


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